We build an investment platform in partnership with the world’s premier private banks, aligned to your needs.

Traditional private banks designate relationship managers to accounts. As an employee of the bank, the relationship manager is inevitably driven by sales targets. Moreover, some managers may make recommendations that prejudice the interests of clients with the intention of inflating their own performance indicators.

External private bankers provide investment services in accordance with open and transparent management principles, putting clients, instead of dealing commissions, as top priority. Aligning our own interests with those of our clients, we go to great lengths to ensure the best price and lowest commission for the execution of trades.

Do you trust your bank manager to act under these same principles?

Proportion of assets managed by external asset managers in the overall industry

Business Models with Clearly Responsibilities


  • Economic efficiency

    Lower dealing fees to be charged by the bank

    Capture optimal timing for Investment

    Technical analysis to identify buy and sell signals

  • Time savings

    Analyse research reports from different banks

    Achieve real diversified investment while maintaining controllability

    Wider investment spectrum

  • Risk management

    We manage your wealth round the clock to ensure quicker response

    Effective deployment of monitoring software

    Better positioned to break away from the trap of “investor psychology”

Single Private Banking Account


Dependent on the capability of a single account manager

Reliant on single bank’s research

Lack bargaining power on fees

Bank’s interests shall be the account manager’s primary consideration

Subject to client’s time, knowledge and intuition

Slower response to market



External Asset Management

Support of full team

Access to research reports of multiple banks

More favourable transaction fees

Act genuinely in client’s interests

Draw on professional manager’s vigour,knowledge and analytical skill sets

Quick response to market changes